My name is Ally, the creator of this amazing business. I started crafting, from a very young age, in my mum’s and Nana’s Kitchen, always leaving it a mess… lol. I remember my first creations, honey and oat sugar scrubs, lemon and vinegar solution which I used as a cleaning detergent, whipped body butter and re-batching commercial soaps as I was experimenting using everyday household items. Seeing my mum and my nan using everyday pantry items such as sodium bicarbonate, vinegar etc, inspired my creativity.

Kawaii Hunnies started as a squishy website selling squishies and quirky gifts imported from Asia.  we decided to convert our business idea into a Pre-order and sampler website selling wax melts, wax loaves, mini candles, soap and bath jellies at an affordable cost.

We are  a team of  6 and we decide to split the business into two kawaii Hunnies will focus more on pre-order and samplers side of business and Scoosh bar will focus on restocking, overstock and RTS ( ready to ship items) we are  the same business , we are not in competition,  we will cross-promote both  Kawaii Hunnies and  Scoosh Bar on social media.

We use high-quality eco soy, paraffin( Parasoy blend) and vegetable wax which is compliance to the IFRA standards, our candles wicks are made from paper filaments interlaces for a more stable its consist of a specially treated paper threads providing a controlled curling of the wick.   The wick self-trims this means it decreases in mushrooming / carbon build up as well as smoke and soot

All our wax melts and candles are in compliance with CLP.

We are ready to ship handmade Smellies from Ole Jolly England!

 We love to hear your ideas and feedback and what you  would like to see next on our  website, contact us via email