How do I place an order?

Our site goes live every last Thursday/ Friday of the month at 7 pm GMT  However ,the period in which it stays open depends on how soon our inventory sells out, then we may have close till our next pre-order date.  We will announce Live and closing dates on  our FBgroup and other social media. For updates please follow us on social media platforms @kawaiihunnies.

How much is postage?

Items are shipped out mainly via Royal Mail and Hermes services hence our shipping cost is based on the weight of your package. Your items will be well packed and once dispatched we will send you tracking information by email. International & bulk orders may be shipped via Parcel force and FedEx at our discretion.


Do you offer international shipment?


Custom Duties:

If you are placing an order from outside the UK except Europe the recipient of the product is responsible for all customs duties or tariffs incurred in the country to which the products are shipped. Furthermore, your order may be subject to delay or be opened and searched by local customs authorities when entering the destination country. Please note we are unable to provide specific advice on customs duties or tariffs

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products we are unable to accept returned products. However in the unlikeliness of an error or fault on our part we will offer an exchange.

Is Kawaii Hunnies and Scoosh Bar are the same company?

Yes, Kawaii Hunnies is a subsidiary of Scoosh Bar.  It is run by a seperate team and  focuses on samplers and pre-orders. Scoosh Bar focuses  more on  Restocks, Overstock, and RTS ( Ready to Ship Items)

Can I cancel my order?

Yes!  prior to giving us 24 hours notice and there will be a 20% restocking fee.


What is  your refund policy?

We only offer refunds when the order is cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours, unfortunately we have to hold back a 20% restocking fee.

Do you have cart hold? 

 We do not offer that option at the moment.

What's you TAT? (Turn around time)

 Turn around time will 2-6 weeks. We will be announcing shipping dates via social media. ie Instagram and Facebook. 


Why does your shop open once/ twice a month?

All of our products are made in small batches and by hand. Our wax products takes  up to 2-4 weeks to cure. We use the rest of time in production to ensure we have enough inventory to cater to customers.

What is a wax melt? -

A wax melt is a candle without the wick. It is designed to be used with an oil burner. Place the wax melt in an oil burner, do not add water. Place a lit tealight under the oil burner and aroma will blast out fragrancing your home!

Can you Combine Order from  Kawaii Hunnies and Scoosh Bar?

Unfortunately, you can not. The shops are run by two different teams.


Do you combine orders?

We can combine all orders placed on the same day as long as all the information provided are identical, ie name, address, email address etc, eg Joe Bloggs and joe bloggs. Your order will not be accepted and will be declined. Please send us an email or leave a note in the checkout note box, without those key information we cannot guarantee your ordrer will combine. All monies will be refunded when the order has been dispatched.


Why are so many items sold out from your online shop?

All of our products are made in small batches and they do sell out very quickly. Pre order's/ sampler's  goes live every month please follow us via instagram and facebook for pre-order dates.

Do you have a facebook page?

Yes! Kawaii Hunnies has a like page, Scoosh bar has both like and group pages,  we post our monthly scent list and regular shop updates in our group and we do cross promote each other.


Do offer free stuff for reviews?
Unfortunately, we do not offer free stuff for reviews. If you wish to review our products, you are more than happy to make a purchase. 


What does the term “Cure time” Means?

I may have to use cheese as an example, the longer the cheese matures the better it tastes and has a stronger flavour.
In the wax world cure time is one significant step ensuring a wonderfully strong scent to your candles. Allowing sufficient time for the wax and your fragrance to bind together, two components to be integrated into each other.    Recommend curing time depends on the individual.  I like to cure my candles and wax melts with 2-4 weeks

What is a Throw?

There are two terms when referring to "scent throw". The first is "cold throw", this is how the candle smells before it is lit, the first smell you get of the candle when you open the lid. The second term is "hot throw", this means how the candle smells when it is lit, the extent of a candle's scent, i.e. the number of feet you can be away from a candle and still be able to smell it