Clammies 76grams

Clammies 76grams


You will receive 76 grams clam shell  with a removable lid.

Our wax products are handmade with a parasoy blend.

Our TAT ( turn around time ) is 1-2 weeks

We will announce shipping dates on Instagram and Fb group.

All our wax products are hand poured in smaller batches. There will be a slight colour variation between batches.

All our wax products comply with CLP regulation

Please follow instructions on the product labelling.

Never leave candle or burner unattended.

Keep out of reach of children

Cucumber melon: A sweet and refreshing blend of cucumbers and melons, a perfect summer fragrance

Candy comfort: It’s fruity, it’s bubbly and it’s an amazing dupe just berry yourself in comfort Similar in style & identity to a well-known bath and body product

Sea breeze: A serene floral marine fragrance with notes of coastal breeze, green florals and salt encrusted driftwood

Lemon Shebert: Juicy lemon with a hint of sweetness, reminiscence of the childhood lemon sherbet sweets

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